4 Reasons I should be grateful to People

Growing up we were always forced into believing that a driver is a man; a business-MAN, a camera-MAN, and the list will go on and on. The fault was not ours. We are a product of systematic injection of set up gender standards. Also, to add, we did not have much significant figures to bolster the credibility of the otherwise. On a practical note, we needed more women to enter every sphere and obtain equal importance. The fight for establishing their worth and setting an example was pretty high. It was at this time; a shining star on the long-sketched horizon of the business world, a name that changed the business discourse of India. 4 Reasons I should be grateful to People

The active 19th !

Maybe, it was her success that incorporated the thought of addressing people associated with this sphere with a gender-neutral term. She is none other than Nowhera Shaik. Wondering about the extra ‘the’ before her name? It is a hard-earned designation! The business empire of 20000 Crore was not quite as easy as you think.

4 Reasons we should be grateful

Here are our reasons on why we should be grateful to her.

  1. Moreover has achieved all the success by herself. She was just a small-town girl with deep socketed eyes with unfathomable depth in them. Tides of ambitions inundated her eyes from a little age; she wanted to be extraordinary; someone who will be revered and saluted for a long time and indeed she has made a position for herself.
  2. Although she has broken all the nonsense hoaxes regarding the business world. She has made a point to the world that with hard work and passion; even the longest and toughest of all battles are won. 
  3. Also has made it easier for the girls to look up to someone with massive fame for inspiration; in times of their break down in the long going business process.
  4. She has also proven to the world that it requires no particular economic background; to start your business, if you have it in you, just go for it!

Lastly, she has taught what it means to be a good human being; and she has been perfectly handling this one aspect all these years.

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