AIMEP And Education

AIMEP And Education

AIMEP And Education. Illiteracy is the primary concern that should be addressed in India. This is the main triggering cause that is upscaling the rate of poverty, child Labour, unemployment, over population and more.

If major focus is laid on India’s literacy, the nation can immensely progress on the  social economic front. High Literacy rate of female does not just provide social justice but it mounts the confidence of a female child to be independent and will empower them financially as well as mentally. Educating a girl child evades various  issues such as child marriage, dowry, and so on. There is a  famous saying “When you educate a man, an individual is educated, but when you educate a woman, the whole family is educated.” 

AIMEP And Education:

True by every word, education is equally important for male as well as female children. Educating a girl child is very vital as it establishes gender equality. The government has done everything possible to provide educating to girl children, however some old ideology stricken parents stop their female children from getting educated.

We at the All India Mahila Empowerment Party acknowledge that development of girl child’s education demands a systematic approach that tries to solve the gender rooted discrimination and detrimental social issues which are outside the boundary of education system in India. We will make sure that every female child in India is educated irrespective of caste, creed and race. Our experience in the field of education gives us high-confidence that we can overcome the barriers in educating girl children and increase the literacy rate in India.

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