AIMEP For The Agricultural Sector Of Karnataka

AIMEP For The Agricultural Sector Of Karnataka

AIMEP For The Agricultural Sector Of Karnataka, excessively relies on the southwest monsoon. Karnataka ranks 8th in terms of geographical area. The state of Karnataka has been segmented into 31 districts and 226 taluks. Agriculture is the major source of income for most of the rural population. In India, 58% of population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. Agriculture plays the biggest role in the economy of Karnataka. Karnataka’s Coffee production alone contributes to 70% of the share in terms of India’s overall coffee production.

Taking all of this into consideration, it is very evident that farmers are the backbone of the nation. The situation of agriculture in Karnataka has been sloping downward from the last few years. The reasons are plenty, no technological assurance, agricultural loan debts, farmer suicide; draught, dearth of proper implementation of government policies, lack of mechanization and so on.

Out of them all, farmer suicide and agricultural marketing have become major issues. Lack of proper marketing facilities in the domain of agriculture has forced farmers to sale; their produce to middlemen,  to their debt owners, and local traders. The money lenders procure these crops at a rate of their own. The farmers in debt have no other option but the settle down for a value; way less than the actual price of their produce in the market. The money paid by the consumers to these middlemen and traders does not even reach the cultivator’s pocket.

All India Mahila Empowerment Party For The Agricultural Sector Of Karnataka:

The All India Mahila Empowerment Party is all set to bounce back in the upcoming elections of Karnataka. Our primary agenda is to improvise the agricultural sector of Karnataka as a large number; of population in the state is dependent on agriculture for their income. We are determined  to educate the farmers on proper usage of mechanization and technology. This will in turn reduce their time and efforts that they put in by using hand equipment’s for farming. Moreover We also intend to systematize the marketing framework to eradicate the function of middlemen and tradesmen. We will also provide ample storage facilities in rural places; so the famers do not have to sell their produce abruptly. Storage facilities also come to rescue in terms of distress. For example if we take the current pandemic the excess production; can be stored and kept reserved for supply in immediate situations.

Our vision is to restructure the agricultural sphere and to provide the right value of the produce  to the cultivators who are toiling in the fields day and night so that India does not sleep hungry while the cultivators themselves will.

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