AIMEP Has Proper Road Map For BMC Election

AIMEP Has Proper Road Map For BMC Election

AIMEP Has Proper Road Map For BMC Election. It has come up with a proper road map to fight the BMC election in 2022. Thousands of applications have been received as of now and candidates from every section of society have applied. AIMEP is not just a political party, it is the All India Mahila Empowerment Party which aims to give political representation to the poor and marginals. The rise of AIMEP in politics will bring positive change in the society. Party will work for each and every section of society irrespective of their caste, class and religion.

AAIMEP Has Proper Road Map For BMC Election With Several Schemes Which Talk About Education, Health and Employment:

AIMEP Has Proper Road Map Education plan:

  • Providing quality education in every government school.
  • Establishment of High schools in every locality having a population of more than 10 to 15 thousands. 
  •  Especially Introduction of public private partnership for establishment of educational institutions.
  • Moreover Schemes to be launched to check dropouts from schools/colleges.
  •  Introduction of smart classes in schools.
  • Especially To make English a compulsory subject in all educational institutions.
  •  Providing facilities to the minorities, schedule casts, scheduled tribes and other backward classes for establishment of educational

Housing plan of AIMEP:

  •  Housing Scheme for providing two rooms apartments to the people living below the poverty line.
  •  A comprehensive scheme for allotment of land to the downtrodden segment of the society.
  • Although Establishment of homes for old and inform people at every 10 km.

Health plan of It:

  • Especially Health for all…. A new dimension in the Health care and hygiene system.
  • Development of the Public health and hygiene system.
  • Moreover Establishment of Super Specialty Hospitals at every zonal Headquarter.

Especially Above Mentioned Some Key Points Says That AIMEP Has Proper Road Map For BMC Election.

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