Alhamdulillah A society shall rise only when there is proper balance of right.


Alhamdulillah My approach to a fair society is guided by thinking about the effect of our social arrangements on inequalities. A good society is one that brings wellbeing to all its members and there is a proper balance of rights.  The global financial crisis should have been the catalyst for a discussion of the kind of society we want. Human rights govern how individual human beings live in society and with each other, as well as their relationship with the State and the obligations that the State has towards them. Human rights law obliges governments to do some things, and prevents them from doing others. Individuals also have responsibilities: in using their human rights, they must respect the rights of others. No government, group or individual person has the right to do anything that violates another’s rights.

Human rights are universal and inalienable. All people everywhere in the world are entitled to them.  Human rights are indivisible. Whether civil, political, economic, social or cultural in nature, they are all inherent to the dignity of every human person. Consequently, they all have equal status as rights. There is no such thing as a ‘small’ right. There is no hierarchy of human rights.

Heera Group is the natural promoter of rights.

Moreover Heera Group is not just an organization that seeks to generate profits from its wide range of products; it is the natural promoter of rights and equality. Although starting from training women in the office to providing them with vocational skills, we has massively promoted the cause of women’s empowerment in remote villages. Alhamdulillah with the grace of Allah rural women directly or indirectly; benefitted from my every scheme. We have launched several projects that give employment to women, widows and marginal sections in our society.

The Heera Organization has proved itself to be more than just a business firm. It has constantly helped several marginalized sections of society and fighting for women right.

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