Alhamdulillah, Big victory to the Heera Group family


Alhamdulillah Big victory to the Heera Group family. Masha Allah, the Apex Court of India has directed the SFIO to take over all the compliance of the company. The Hon’ble Court has ordered strictly to all the departments to Unfreeze all the 241 Heera Group bank accounts and give us proper access. First time in the history of the Indian judiciary that the Honorable Court has directed the concerned departments to unfreeze all 241 bank accounts. The Court has strictly directed all the concerned agencies to give us proper access to their bank account without any delay.

A big victory for the Heera Group, Allahamdulliah Allah will continue our success journey. The departments had frozen more than 240 bank accounts of Heera Group of companies. Once the  things are done then investors will start getting their money back soon. Heera Group is also in a hurry to pay back all the investors; but InshaAllah it seems like everything will start shortly. The Apex court of India has ordered the CSS police to hand over the investor’s data so that we initiate the further payment process. However, the CSS police did not take any strict action against the respected order.

Finally, after so many days, Heera Group has got justice.

Finally, after so many days, Heera Group has got justice! A justice that was long-waited. The honourable Court of India has given a verdict in our favour. In the verdict, the court has already asked the investigation Office to assist the company in clearing payments as fast as possible.  The respected Court has finally asked all the departments associated with the investigation; to unfreeze the Heera Group investors account. The court has asked the authorities to hand over the rightful access of the company accounts to the company; itself to help us further in the process.

InshaAllah everything will be fine within a few days. May Allah always be kind to Heera Group and its investors.

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