Alhamdulillah celebrating my 48 birthday

Alhamdulillah celebrating my 48 birthday

Alhamdulillah Allah has been always kind to me in every step of my life. Today I turned 48 but I still remember when I used to celebrate my birthday with my Ammi and Abbu. May Allah grant them the highest place in Jannat and forgive them. My father was a small businessman but he always fulfilled my dreams with the little money which he used to earn daily. He raised me like a boy and never discriminated against me for being a girl. He taught me to fight against injustice because Allah always helps those who raise their voice against cruelty. At the age of 25, I laid the foundation of Heera Group with the motive to empower poor and backward women of society. Being a girl, you have to go through several hindrances but my family always supported me.

Alhamdulillah, Today I am a role model for millions of women who are dreaming to be successful in business life. But my role model is my father who taught me to fight against injustice. Heera Group is like a dream which I have seen with my father and Alhamdulillah. It has completed its 20 years.

Heera Group fighting the battle for women empowerment.

Heera Group has become a synonym of women empowerment because in the last two decades it has left no stone unturned to fight for women’s rights and honour. We have always supported and encouraged women in every field whether it is sports or academics. During this battle, we have faced several difficulties and allegations but never left our sacred cause. InshaAllah one day all our sisters and mothers will achieve their rights in society. I launched a political party to fight for women’s justice. I have been very vocal about women participation in the assembly and parliament. The party aims to promote women in politics.

Alhamdulillah Allah has granted me a lot which a common girl could not expect. JazakAllah everyone for your warm wishes on my birthday.

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