Alhamdulillah, Supreme Court granted me regular bail.

On Friday, 5 August, the Honourable Supreme Court of India granted me regular bail in all the pending cases. The Supreme Court ordered Heera Group of Companies to start its Operation like it was doing earlier. Honourable Judges of the Supreme Court of India said, “Nowhera Shaik is a prominent businesswoman of India and she has made a huge contribution to India’s economy”. Further, the Supreme Court said women like Nowhera Shaikh are a gift to humanity above all poor women. Today I am very happy to share my feelings with you people. I assure you that the Heera group will run smoothly.

Along with the Heera group of companies, I always tried to empower women and girls of my community, but some fascist forces did not like it. They did not like how a woman has been fighting with a patriarchal world to empower women. I have left no stone unturned to fight for the right and dignity of women, and it hit hard the ego of patriarchal society. But they can not stop my spirit of fighting for women’s rights, and I would fight till my last breath.

I thank the Supreme Court of India for delivering justice.

I thank Almighty Allah and the Supreme Court of India for granting me regular bail after a long legal battle. My legal team has worked tirelessly for regular bail, and I also thank them for their effort. The Heera Group family and my supporters have always supported me in my struggling days. I also thank them for always being with me.

I salute the constitution, which ensures justice and thanks the Supreme Court’s judges for delivering justice. Today I want to deliver a very strong message to the women of India that we live in a country where we are safe under the constitution. No matter how many atrocities fascists will do, you should approach the court if you are a victim. The Justice loving constitution of India will protect your right and ensure your justice.

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