All India Mahila Empowerment Party will fight the upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly election.

All India Mahila Empowerment Party

All India Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP) will fight the upcoming 2022 Uttar Pradesh assembly election. Party will place its candidate on all the 403 assembly seats of Uttar Pradesh and will fight the election on its own. MEP will contest the 2022 UP assembly election on the core issues of women, farmers and youths. Soon the party will run its campaign in the State around its women, youth and farmers issues. The Uttar Pradesh 2022 polls will be held in seven phases starting from 10 February. The counting of votes will take place on 10 March. The 2017 Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh were also held in seven phases and the BJP and its allies came out of the elections as the ultimate winner, bagging 312 of the states’ 403 Assembly constituencies. In the upcoming UP election MEP will give a very tough fight to all the major ruling parties.

Women’s equal participation and leadership in political and public life are essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.  However, data shows that women are underrepresented at all levels of decision-making worldwide, and achieving gender parity in political life is far off. I launched the MEP with a sacred motive: to increase women participation in assembly and parliament.  Only 21 percent of government ministers were women, with only 14 countries having achieved 50 per cent or more women in cabinets . With an annual increase of just 0.52 percentage points, gender parity in ministerial positions will not be achieved before 2077.

MEP is not just a party it is All India Mahila Empowerment Party which aims to empower women around the nation.

MEP is not just a party it is All India Mahila Empowerment Party which aims to empower women around the nation. InshaAllah our endeavour will one day pay off as the MEP decided to give 50% tickets to the womens in the UP election.   Balanced political participation and power-sharing between women and men in decision-making is the internationally agreed target set in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. Most countries in the world have not achieved gender balance and India is also among those countries. Few countries have set or met ambitious targets for gender parity. MEP not only talks about women empowerment it works on it, for the last two decades i have been endeavouring to empower the poor and backward womens.

After a loud entry of MEP in Uttar Pradesh assembly election. Women’s political participation has emerged as a key element of the discourse around the upcoming state elections in India. The MEP will give 50% ticket to the women of Uttar Pradesh so that they can raise their voice in parliament.  The main agenda of AIMEP is to see India as a developed economy where the common man/ woman/ citizen is able to benefit by the taxes they pay to the governments and we will strive to ensure that the common man is benefited by the schemes and programs implemented by the government. We want to break the myth and in our party we will give the majority of tickets; to the women so that they should come in the front and lead their constituency as well as the state. This is not just a political party, it is the All India Mahila Empowerment Party. Moreover It is the party of every man, mother, father, son, daughter

MEP has a special scheme for women of Uttar Pradesh.

  • Special Schemes for women empowerment.
  • Interest free loan to all the women entrepreneurs of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Interest free loans to all the women in self-help groups.
  •  Special provision for financial support to pregnant women falling under the poverty line.
  •  Providing E- complaint filing facility especially for women.
  •  Establishing Women Police stations to be manned by women police officers at every Taluk level to protect women from exploitation, oppression and harassment.
  •  Special provisions for women agriculturists.
  •  50% Reservation for women in all government jobs and educational institutions.
  • Child labor free Uttar Pradesh- a mission to provide quality education to all the children of Uttar Pradesh

The plan of MEP for Uttar Pradesh assembly election 2022.  To make Uttar Pradesh a vibrant and welfare State, we promise:

1) To value and preserve the rich and vibrant heritage of Uttar Pradesh.

2) To protect and improve the environment including forests, rivers and wild life of Uttar


3) Equal distribution of development projects to all districts of Uttar Pradesh.

4) Supply of 30 Kilograms of Rice per family @ Re. One per kg to all families of the below

poverty line segment of the society.

5) Subsidized food canteens across all Districts of Uttar Pradesh ensuring clean, healthy and

nutritious food for residents of Uttar Pradesh at a very subsidized rate.

6) Vocational programs for poor families.

7) Employment generation centres at Villages in all the districts with a special focus on the

Employment of youths.

8) Power cut free Uttar Pradesh – Equal distribution of power to all regions throughout Uttar Pradesh.

9) Establishment of Alternate power generation units to overcome the shortage of power


10) Free solar power generation systems for all farmers of Uttar Pradesh.

11) Providing uniform irrigation facilities to all parts of Uttar Pradesh.

12) Reformative actions to expedite irrigation projects.

13) Reformative actions for improvement of educational profile of under privileged class of the  society in general and minorities in-particular.

14) Development of Uttar Pradesh as a model welfare state of the country.

15) Supply of free seeds by the Government agencies to all farmers of Uttar Pradesh.

16) Establishment of free soil testing centres in all villages and districts of the State.

17) Provision for Minimum support price for all commercial crops.

18) Interest free loans to farmers of Uttar Pradesh.

19) District level monitoring system to improve the living conditions of farmers and weaker

sections of the society.

20) Provision for providing free Medical Services to the residents of Uttar Pradesh especially farmers and under privileged segments of the society.

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