Allah I have been Innocent, Before realising people cheated me and ran away.

nowhera shaik

Allah knows how much i have been criticised for being business women. I have helped millions of hard working and struggling people in my life but never intended to cheat anyone. In 1998 i laid the foundation of Heera Group of companies with a sacred motive to bring happiness in the life of marginal and downtrodden sections of society. I Laid the foundation of the company with a broad goal of helping as many people as possible. Heera Group is my dream project which I established with a sacred motive to maximize; the income of the poor and downtrodden section of the society. I believes in sustainable expansion of business. It is this principle that has made Heera Group an important business; contender not only in the domestic market but also in the international market. The craze for our products especially in the middle eastern countries is a sight to behold.

InshaAllah till my last breath I will be honest with Heera Group investors.

In my business journey, I never wanted to take credit after helping people with their requirements. I have been innocent before realising that people cheated me and ran away. I can never ever cheat anyone till my last breath. InshaAllah till my last breath I will be honest with Heera Group investors. I am totally thankful to all my investors and the Heera Group family who have invested into my company. Heera Group promised that the investors willing to put a stay on their investment in company can choose to do so or can withdraw the money as a whole. I never thought to cheat anyone nor will I ever. How can a mother cheat her son whom she has nourished with her own hands. Heera Group family is my everything and InshaAllah i will do anything for them. Heera Group has won numerous awards and recognitions under my guidance and leadership. None of the investors were cheated, that was a rumor. InshaAllah Heera Group will once again rise and conquer the world.

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