And the wait is over finally the wait is over

And the wait is over finally the wait is over !. Dr. Nowhera Shaikh , those of you now hearing this name generally discover a bit of unnatural sensation throughout the body. I don’t know how true that is. Neither do I know how things

 become so prominent here, but surely one thing I know is that I became successful to inspire people like me. Yes i would say people , irrespective of gender bias the way i became a role model for so many young minds of this country still gives me real goosebumps.

And the wait is over

Who anticipated an ordinary woman from the most marginalised community would hold the whole community’s head so high that people would consider her to be the new age woman who started off her career at the age of 40.

Sounds pretty off for a lot of women of my country that this is one of those crucial phases when everybody tends to back out, I started off at that time. Somehow i also feel the stigmatised address that eventually got attached to my community took a relief breath with my success or rather the achievement I made.

A pretty documentary!

My beloved children do not fear the triple talaq, make your existence so powerful that everybody would want to become like you. The year when I was born ,1973, the economic liberalisation was the distant reality, distress, poverty was so overpowering that we and our family members too realised the pain of being the eliminated, tortured and mostly ignored section of the society.

Ignorance seemed greater when i could not keep my eyes off from my fellow female mates, despite serving the first genders thoroughly they ended up leading lives like losers. And that shook me some or the other way. I as an individual never thought of exhibiting a life that is totally self engrossed. It is true my family had a strong financial sustainability but they owned a bigger heart too where they very willingly gave space to all who were in need and nowhere to go. My children I advise one thing to you all: never give up hope, you will see a better day, no matter how long it takes.

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