Assalam Alaikum As my society gave me the best, I have to return all my best to the society.


Assalam Alaikum all my dear friends hope you are having good days. Alhamdulillah with the grace of Allah saw I have gone through such a long way to live my dream. It is an extraordinary honor to be considered as a part of such a beautiful Society. Being considered means I have achieved my goal in demonstrating my determination in Madrasa and outside of Madrasa and my willingness to aid people in my community.

Being a part of such a prestigious organization is an enormous responsibility to which I will fully devote my time.  Heera Group is such an outstanding business organization which has always keen to serve the society in every possible way. Acquiring leadership skills along with a strong character and the sense to serve others is vital.

 Example for my society by aiding the poor and backward section as well as participating in humanitarian works.

 Although A leader should be resourceful, dependable, selfless, and a good problem solver. I have led in many ways- inside and outside of Heera Group. Although I encouraged new ideas- such as finding easier ways to improve women; leadership into meetings that would be beneficial for my society. I have set an example for my society by aiding the poor and backward section as well as participating in humanitarian works  and helping to organize the society. Moreover InshaAllah I will make sure to do my part by leading by example, serving my community and nation; staying true to myself to the best of my ability. It would be an honor to be a part of Heera Group in; which I can better myself and my community.

I am so thankful to my society who has considered me and always supported me.  I will make it my duty to be an active member; in my society and will maintain my leadership, service, character, and scholarship.

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