Assalam Alaikum Heera Digital Gold is all set to enter the Market soon.

Heera Digital Gold

Assalam Alaikum my dear friends and Heera Gold customers. With the grace of Allah and your support inshaAllah soon we’ll be launching Heera Digital Gold in the metal market. Without your support and love it is impossible to reach the zenith of success. InshaAllah we are once again ready to bounce back with very bold strategies.  Gold is no longer used as currency in the twentieth century, although it can still be used as money. For over 2500 years, gold has been kept. Gold is being considered God’s money, and it is getting donated to the holy temple on nearly all important occasions. As a result, India is the world’s largest gold importer. Despite being amid a coronavirus pandemic InshaAllah we will come back.

How to invest in Heera digital gold?

Assalam Alaikum You can have the Heera Digital Gold physically delivered to your door and can invest whatever amount you like. You may invest the amount with your convenience.  Heera Gold can be used to secure online loans and the gold here is real and 24K pure. We will be keeping your gold securely and thoroughly insured. Heera digital gold may be exchanged for authentic jewelry or gold coins. Although You may buy Heera digital gold using mobile e-wallets like Paytm, Google Pay, and Phone Pay. When you start investing in Heera Digital Gold, it buys an equivalent quantity of actual gold and keeps it in safe vaults in your name.

Why invest in Heera Digital Gold

You can invest in Digital gold from mobile E-wallets, for example, Google pay, phone pay, and Paytm.

  • It will provide physical delivery of digital gold at the doorstep
  • You can invest an amount as low as rupees 100
  •  Digital gold can be used as collateral for online loans.
  • Gold is genuine and 24 k pure.
  • You can exchange Digital gold for physical jewelry or gold bars.
  • Your gold will be safe in our secure vaults.
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