Body of lies spirituality and practice

Body of lies spirituality and practice .I as a woman have always got this staunch feeling that we have been misled, we have been fooled and I am no less affected by this. I too have been fooled by many men in my life, it was not my fault that I have kept my innate good feelings for them, I trusted them, made my find and looked forward with lots of hope that someday we would work together. But my fate did not go that far where I actually in reality ended up working with those men, at times the burden of losses I made, created a big fuss.

Body of lies

On one hand I was the sole earning member of my broadened family, and on the other hand I had to take care of all my past bad deeds. At times I felt completely shattered, tried having doubts about my ability, whether I would actually end up doing something, whether I would ever come across success in this life. Men, the holy worshippers of all religions, have been fooling, manipulating, mistreating, and ill -treating women for decades now. I’ve read too much about Feminism in my whole life, and out of all those reads one thing I very certainly figured out is that men somehow try to superimpose a lot of things, just to prove us wrong. But is this the general case, like all men try to sabotage the genuine effort of women just to choke their voices, or omit their existences, no that is not true. Body of lies spirituality and practice

The female Protagonist

Not all men try to diminish the women’s existence but the majority of the community at least silently support the roles of torturing women. In my whole life also I’ve come across a lot of women sympathizers, but what they actually offered in the name of sympathy came clearer to me when I was dying to get some help to run my business properly they were only a handful of men who actually came in the front and helped me in literal ways, the other huge bunch of sympathizers preferred cursing me and my family who actually stood beside me through my thick and thin.

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