Buy Digital Gold online from one of India’s most trusted names: Heera Group

Buy Digital Gold online

Buy Digital Gold online with guaranteed security and safety. At Heera Group we promise to stay with you throughout your journey, helping you grow at your own pace. You can start your digital gold investment for as low as you want. And all this with the added assurance of instant certification. All transactions & investments are tracked and looked after by our SEBI regulated independent trustee partner, IDBI.

What’s more the gold comes with a promise of 99.99 % purity procured from Heera Group,  A Market Leader, Miner & Manufacturer of Gold.To top it all your digital gold investment stays safely in our secure bank grade locker  free of cost. No more stress of physical gold  storage or investing in expensive lockers. So whether you are buying gold for investment or as a gift for someone you love, it all happens with just a click of a button.


Digital gold is a new age investment instrument that allows you to invest in 24 Karat purest gold; which is then stored in Heera Group’s secure vaults under your ownership. If you wish to take possession of the same; you can redeem digital gold for 24 Karat/ 999.9 purest gold coins and ingots from Heera Digital gold. Although Heera Gold is India’s leader in digital gold and you can buy digital gold online through; our trusted partners like Paytm, PhonePe, and GPay.


Highest Purity

Especially Buy 999.9 / 24K purest gold anytime, at your convenience. NIL-negative tolerance standards ensure the purity and weights of our products; are always greater than or equal to what you purchase.

Transparent Pricing

 Although Our gold prices are linked to international market rates available 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

100% Secure

Especially The gold you buy online is allocated as physical gold under your direct ownership and stored within fully insured; certified vaults located on our highly secure premises.

Easy Buyback

Moreover Resell your stored Digital Gold to Heera Gold at the current live market price. Receive the resale value via Direct Bank Transfer.

Global Quality Excellence

Although The only Digital Gold Provider to offer 999.9 (24K) pure gold. Our Assay Laboratory is NABL-accredited and operations are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), including IMS, OHSAS and SA 8000 certifications.

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