Determination went wrong

Determination went wrong . Last year when the pandemic broke out, I was scared like all of us. The news, the figures and the world news became so overpowering that my mind could not manage enough space for other thoughts. The fear was natural, so was the restlessness.

I guess everyone throughout the world had faced the same amount of fear and anxiety. But the difference that other countries made can become understandable if, I put the pictures of India handling a pandemic situation and then failing miserably.

Determination went wrong

Determination went wrong heera group of companies. I saw people playing cheerful songs from their balconies trying to join hands and stay beside each other, at the same time, I saw our Chief authorities are asking for donating funds to respective places.

but nobody from us was asking what are the procedures of channelizing the funds and then managing to get back the citizens to their houses.

Nobody raised a single voice on declaring an unanticipated situation like lockdown throughout the country without any prior call, people lost their children, their parents, their beloved ones due to this in disciplined and unmanageable behaviour of a government.

In the name of god or politics

Government literally forgot about those men and women and their families, who were spending years after years away from home and hometown due to nothing but earning bread and survival, their means of survival turned into a death note.

People of the country travelled barefoot miles after miles just to come back to their homes, to their parents, to their beloved partners.

Some of them died in the roads, in the railway tracks, in the fields, in the highways, some of them committed suicide the handful amount of rest who survived they lived the life of a dead man or woman, getting no ration, no basic survival means. i used to be just watching and observing the sheer amount of confidence that became quite evident from the hyped virtual meetings of the upper authorities, their attitude clearly stating the facts as if they weren’t doing their duties they were doing favours to the citizens.

mailed a number of them, tried arranging conversation but nothing concrete came up, I did my best to proceed in whatever way I could. i’m not bragging, neither i’m showcasing the trouble or rather the duties.

I did, I’m just astonished that even today.

when another wave just took a back step and another one is waiting, at the doorstep the false determination is again misleading the innocent voters of the country, none of them is getting the vibe of the valueless vanity.

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