Do we have a inner voice in a head ?

Do we have a inner voice in a head .I feel broken and sad at times that I live in such a country where people strive hard to see developments yet do nothing for the women. Now people may ask me, why what is so special about women that extra attention needs to be given here.

Do we have a inner voice

Yes, that is a very valid question if we see through the timeline the Struggle the efforts, we would always portray a Picture of the women in such a way which would seem as if they are being treated as the goddesses. It is true in India women are either treated as goddesses or as witches, we do not know how to treat a woman with respect and kind gesture or probably how to behave humanly with her like we do for the men.

Body of lies spirituality and practice

Patriarchy is the problem, by now we all know this, and being a member of a marginalised community I too believe this with my alive heartbeats. But who are the carriers of this patriarchy, men do have a great influence on enslaving the women for years after years, not assigning them the bare minimum human rights that they deserve, discarding their basic rights and taking pride in that, all of these were and still are the common norms that we are all familiar with, but what about the women of this country, are they all doing the job for the betterment of their community.

Do they all believe that women should be enjoying the same equal rights as men, I think no, and this NO is very strong, unlike the typical NOs that women say when their fathers fix up the marriages without their consent. Women are not helping women, women are not coming forward for women’s rights, I can very well say now, nothing can be sadder, worse than this. I feel so lost at times, when I see women are being killed by their mother-in-laws for not meeting up the demands of dowry, what are we upto?

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