Eating the minimalist of all ?

Eating the minimalist of all .Who thought that a few years down the line eating habits of an individual can invite riots. Nobody actually did, and I was one of them. I always believed my country’s people are the best people, they can never go wrong. But my utmost faith proved me wrong. I became numb when I saw people being killed and being beaten to death Because they believe in certain kinds of eating habits.

Their upbringing allowed them to eat certain kinds of things which are natural. Because by virtue of the greatest Indian Constitution we were not told that if you eat this you would be tagged as an antirational, if you eat that you will have to spend the rest of your life inside a jail. No, nothing like it has ever haunted us. I as a child had a wonderful life knowing that as long as I am doing nothing wrong to anyone, I am safe, I am away from punishments, but today’s India shows us a polar opposite diagram.

Southern the rejected part

In this diagram we would see how blood is coming from the nose, mouth and face because of having a certain kind of food. Food is the basic yet the ruler of all battles is now warming up riots for the innocents. The battle initiators would never ask you to do something for your own good, but would aggravate the whole scenario by planting the seeds of hatred.

In post independence or post world economical change nobody ever hated someone just Because he or she ate something and now in today’s science era, we see people are being killed Because a set of people assumed that they were carrying something that got banned. Now food is something that can not part people, rather this is the only way of connecting roots and going back to the start, but unfortunately in today’s time,  this purest element is creating all the trouble. We never intend to think about our ability before making judgments on something, we love to go and grow with the flow even if that is as shallow as a daydream, as baseless as random jokes. Eating the minimalist of all

We have started putting seriousness on WhatsApp  forwards, we never tried our own to solve the problems rather we increased it. Battle with food can never become fruitful, rather how to grow foods so that nobody goes unfed should be the motto. But My heart says, are we actually upto some good? Or are we failing the left out goodness as well? 

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