Evil Can Never Triumph Over the Good of Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik

Evil Can Never Triump

Nowhera Shaik, Good always triumphs over evil. The stone which rolled away from the tomb of Jesus continues to roll away from every sort of grave. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. In my story evil endeavoured to triumph over me but they failed to do so. They always tried to humiliate and dominate me But Allhamdulliah Allah has always been kind to me. Allah SAW  never let any evil force dominate and demotivate me. The Supreme Court of India granted me regular bail in all the pending cases and Alhamdulillah I kept all my promises.

I have been in imprisonment for more than 3 years for a crime I had no parts to play. I have been very vocal about women rights and the right to have access to education. My organization Heera Group supported many local NGOs; who were determined to build a properly developed structure in the rural sectors of this country. It has also been a part of many empowerment programs for women and children.

Over the Good of Nowhera Shaik

Organization has built safehouses for women who have been brutally tortured by their husbands and in-laws. Although the women of the houses were given skill enhancement training and have been empowered; to live a life of their choices. To date Heera Group has rescued multiple women stuck in such unhealthy shackles; that tried to captivate them within the shackles of no freedom.

During my Jail journey Many prayed for my speedy justice. Whenever someone heard that their beloved, ‘Nowhera Aapa’ was jailed, they were worried like anything. Even the investors. Moreover who were connected with the Heera Group for a long time had very well understood; within a short time that it was all a part of a political game. The investors who were a part of the plots had made the entire community of investors. A terrible loss because trading in the company was off for the longest time while she was in jail. Even in the hearing, there were hardly ten people who gave their statements against me. My life struggle has proved one thing that evil can never triumph over good for a long time.

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