Family Planning and birth control awareness !

Family Planning and birth control awareness .Whenever someone from India hears about this term the first thing they contemplate is how bad India is doing in terms of making people educate about family planning. Yes that is true that we as a state have to develop our policies for family planning and the respective departments of the central govt are doing great in terms of spreading the awareness.

Family Planning

But are we actually up to follow whatever is being said? Aren’t we determined to follow what our hearts say, at least my decades of assessment say something like that. Me too have tried many a times to educate the women, I used to ask them why Don’t they go for the operation after having the second child. Family Planning and birth control awareness

Age is not a bar 

why can’t they actually state the problem to their partner, if a certain type of goodness prevails then that should benefit both the parents, why the men of the family can not understand that having babies after babies are more of a curse to them, especially when they can’t feed them properly. But Every Time I used to get the same old reply, they did not listen to the females. They do whatever they get through the hormonal boost, they actually end up using the females as their sex toys.

I then used to have proper conversations that did not feel the pain of running a whole big family with limited earnings, they must have been earning hard to provide sustainability to the family, then how come they lose their sanity when it is about dealing with lives over death. I used to show them the malnutrition rate of India and where we are standing.

But the helplessness of the woman made me think twice that educating only the women especially those who get the tags of being submissive in a relationship is not the only duty that would prevent the country from overpopulation, if actually the change is required then door to door campaign, healthy conversational inputs should be given among the males. To bring the change we should target the hunter not the prey.

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