Fighting every battle gracefully An honest story on Nowhera Shaik

.Fighting every battle gracefully An honest story on Nowhera Shaik Fighting the ‘D’ in Nowhera Shaik stands for dishonesty. Yes, you got it right. It is often very easy by putting others down, but uplifting one in the path of success is what angels do! Nowhera Shaik is one such angel who has given a million reasons to the young girls to dream their hearts. If there is one thing that she has done tirelessly and endlessly, it is best towards others.

She strongly believed in the theory that quick success can be achieved by putting others in distress and deceiving them but once the fall starts, it is unrestricted. It is this formula that has always helped her to stay on the trajectory of truth. She has helped people in as much magnitude as possible. She has become the magnificent businesswoman she had always dreamt of. Fighting every battle gracefully An honest story on Nowhera Shaik

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An honest story on Nowhera Shaik

In our lives, there are times when we have to make two decisions out of two. Either rapid fame due through any means or a gradual growth both individually as well as organizationally, Nowhera Shaik always found the later one, the better one! She has always focused on maximum welfare that can be targeted to the girls in need. She was once in their situation, a young girl with aspirations of conquering the world one day. And yes, she did slay it with her grace and intelligence. To many, she is an idol. She embraced a blend of simple and luxurious living standards. 

There were times when there was no one beside her. It was at those times, her faith in herself became solid. She was no woman to surrender to destiny, instead, she would build her destiny. It is the people’s blessing for her good works and the honest means she has lived up to, she has been able to fight every battle with grace and dignity. She is Nowhera Shaik, the founder of Heera Group.

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