Government and Us

Government and Us .Here I am tagging myself to be exclusive as we do not wish to remain the first class populates. Yes this is true, despite shedding too much blood and sweat for the betterment of the country, we still are the most isolated religion of all. People have never taken us seriously, or rather so seriously that I often wonder whether I am an anti national or a terrorist. I myself have been faced with so many situations where our validity as citizens has been discarded.

I was so shattered after knowing what has happened to Kashmir, my brothers and sisters who have been taking care of the valley were being heckled like anything. Their rights, the commitment that this government has made were all broken into pieces, people were killed. And this was not an overnight event for Kashmir. Rather not even an overnight event for the whole community this is the originality, this is how we are living, surviving.

The guess who is friends of mine

Darwin had said that survival of the fittest, and the government here believes that too. We need to be fit enough to survive, as if  a match of survival is happening, those who get injured they get eliminated from the race, and those who live even after thousands of attacks with a broken heart and mind they somehow earn the sympathy, and Being tagged as second category citizens, they live Because somehow they won over all the battles and ended up pleasing the government in such a way that it has always wanted.

Government and us, the second category people can never be on the same boat, whatever we say to create a picture of United India, we would still be different. We would never be social enough to attend the popular celebrations, even if someone from us tries to be one of them, we would get special or rather undue attention, as if none of us has ever done something like that, and trying to be one of the govt’s favourite man or woman is something against the norm. How dare we ask the government to increase funds for us, we deserve the worst of the loss.

We deserve dirt, we deserve laughs, we deserve curious stares, we, our children deserve the left out foods, we should never aspire to do good in life. We would always be isolated, we would always be different, united India does not want us. 

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