Heera Digital Gold is ready to rule the Indian market


Heera Digital Gold, has restarted its business operation from August 1, 2020. The company will make a fresh start after a bit of break inshallah will be back on track. We have some new changes that will help the investors and customers book more profits on our products. For the last two decades, Heera gold has ruled the jewellery market, so we have planned to launch digital gold. The Heera group will launch digital gold in the market at the lowest price range with the doorstep delivery option.

The Supreme Court of India has granted me regular bail in all the cases and has ordered me to restart all the businesses. Heera group will run smoothly and effectively, Inshallah. However, company e have decided to launch digital platinum and digital silver in the jewellery market. The company has planned to enter into the digital world because of covid-19 and is digitised the whole world. Heera Gold has been the cash for the company since 1998, and Inshallah will continue to rule the market.

To rule the Indian market

Heera Group is a prominent player in the field of the Gold market. Thus the company decided to launch Digital Gold after Restarting its trade from August 1 2021, and it has been running smoothly since then. The company has got some incredible offers for customers. To add its service package, we have added a new service to its list, for example, Digital gold, Digital silver, and platinum.

Heera Group purchases an equivalent amount of physical gold and stores it in secured vaults. It has extended an affordable rate and is providing top-quality service in these spaces. You can invest in Heera Digital gold from mobile E-wallets, for example, Google pay, phone pay, and Paytm. It will provide physical delivery of digital gold at the doorstep; however, you can invest as low as rupees 100.

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