Heera digital gold will offer customers a smart way to invest in gold.

Heera Digital Gold

Heera digital gold will offer customers a smart way to invest in gold. It is ideal for those customers who want the dual benefits of investing in gold as well as the option to easily take physical delivery. We are going to provide free doorstep delivery inshaAllah which is going to be a successful start. Investing in our digital gold will be good move for those who loves to invest in precious metals.  Indians are amongst the second-largest buyers of physical gold in the world. Apart from jewellery, we use it for gifting and as an integral part of every household’s assets. Digital gold is a safe, convenient and hassle-free way for those wanting to accumulate gold, with the eventual option for delivery.

Heera digital gold is going to be safer and cost-effective.

Heera Digital gold combines the convenience and speed of the internet with the safety and security of traditional gold purchases. As an investment option, Heera digital gold is considered to be safer and cost-effective. If you want to accumulate gold and have complete flexibility over how to use this gold in the future  jewellery, gifting, investment or collateral for a loan – then Heea digital gold is a great option for you.

Heera Digital gold subscribes to the ‘Good Delivery’ standards and all the coins manufactured for are assay certified by a government licensed agency. All coins and bars are independently certified to ensure the highest purity of 99.99% 24K gold. Customers can sell their Heera gold for cash, via their bank account, through a live 24/7 market-linked rate. Digital Gold corresponding to each transaction is already stored in the physical form in a secured vault with full insurance. Investing in Digital gold can be considered as a versatile tool to start a SIP or buy even for a nominal amount, as per the customer’s financial capacity .

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