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Heera Digital World App

Heera Digital World App A cutting-edge investment opportunity for you! Go digital with Heera Gold.

It is time to buy gold from the comfort of your homes at the best price. Moreover Heera Digital Gold is now available at your fingertips. We have simplified your mode of purchase.

Follow the simple steps given below to use our application.

Downloading the Heera Digital World App:

The Heera Digital World application can be downloaded from:

  • Google Play Store
  • App Store
  • Sign in                            

Once the application is installed, open the application. The login page pops up. Especially If you are already a member, enter your sign-in details with your Email ID and Password. If you are a new member, click “Sign up here”. The click takes you to the Sign Up As A New Member page.

Heera Digital World App Tour
  •  Enter your Email ID
  • Set up a strong password
  • Enter your First Name
  • Enter your Last Name
  • After Enter your Mobile Number
  • Choose your Gender 
  • Click on the Register icon – A window pops up asking for an OTP sent to your above-mentioned mobile number. Once the OTP is entered you are successfully logged in to the app.                          

 And there you go, Welcome to the Heera Digital World App

Getting started with Heera  Digital World:

Heera Digital Gold has been designed to help you invest and save smarter.

Especially The Home Page gives you all the details of the application and gives you the list of its investment offerings like

The Dashboard and HOME Page have various icons, to explain them precisely

The Header Section of your application has 2 icons:

  • Wallet – The wallet icon is available on the header section of the application, giving you details about your available balance. purchase and sales history
  • Cart – The Cart Icon is available on the header section of the application, besides the wallet icon giving you all the details of the items in your cart.    

The footer section of your application has 5 icons:

  • The Home Page
  • Shop for Digital Gold –

Upon clicking the Buy Now icon, a new window opens with details of your available balance and gives you options to buy and sell Heera Digital Gold in units. i.e., 9 units will be equivalent to 1 gram of Heera Digital Gold coin. You can also see a column of Order History which will give you the details of your purchase or sales history. 


Once you click on the buy icon, a new window will pop up showing you a graph of the live market price for buying and selling Heera Digital Gold. The graph keeps changing according to the market.

For example, if the value of 24 KT Gold for that particular day is Rs. 5209, it should be divided by 9 units. i.e., 5209\9 the value is 578.77. As directed by the Government 3% GST is mandatorily levied on the purchase of Digital Gold.

Thereby, 578.77 divided by 3% will give a value of 17.36

Therefore 578.77 + 17.36 = Rs. 596.14/Unit.

Once you click on the Buy icon, a window for buying the gold will open. You can now select the quantity you would like to buy.

Note: A minimum of 1 unit must be purchased.

Although In the quantity section, you can choose your desired quantity of gold. You can choose by unit or you can choose to enter the weight of gold you would like to buy. The values of units and the total amount payable will change automatically according to your input.

Especially Upon entering the value click on the “PROCEED TO BUY” icon. A summary window opens showing you the details of your purchase; you can view the discount being offered in this section and the final payable amount after the discount. Click on “PROCEED TO PAY”.

The payments gateway page opens up. You can choose among the several methods to make your payments, like Card Payment, UPI, Net Banking, Wallet, Pay Later, and so on. For the easiest mode of payment, you can choose the UPI mode.

After you’ve made your payment, go to the Purchase History section to see your purchase history.


Moreover If you would like to sell your gold, click on the SELL Icon. A new window opens giving you the details of the number of units that you own. Click on the SELL icon, and a new screen opens to let you choose the quantity of gold you would like to sell. Enter the value and click on the SELL button. A KYC form will appear asking you for your personal and bank details. After filling in your details click on the SELL button. If you do not want to enter your details for now, click on ‘SKIP”. You can fill in the details later.

A SELL Summary Window pops up, so you can cross-check all the details entered. If all details are fine, click on the SELL request button. You have now sold your desired value of Heera Digital Gold, it’s that simple.

Especially For details about your gold sales history, you can open the sales history from your wallet section. You will get access to a unique QR code that you would have to scan to check for your sales history of gold. Within 24 hours of activity, your payment will be credited to your account.

Let us now move on to the Physical Gold Section:

Moreover Click on the “BUY NOW” button to buy Physical Gold. A Subcategory window opens up to let you choose amongst the number of grams available for purchase. Once you choose the number of grams you would like to buy, the Products window opens up to let you choose between 22 KT and 24 KT gold. You can choose the number of grams you would like to buy according to the Karat you would like to choose. And click on the “Add to Cart” button. On the top right of the window, you will see a Cart icon, clicking on which will take you to the “MY Cart” page.

You can cross-check the value you would like to buy and click on the “Checkout” icon. Once you click on the Checkout icon, a pop up opens giving you the details of special offers, where you can avail flat 5% discount to buy Digital Gold, you can click on Proceed to Buy Digital Gold if you would like to take the offer you will be redirected to the Buy Digital Gold Page, else can click on Proceed to Checkout button.

You will see a screen with a form asking for your details such as your Name, Email Address, and your Address for delivery, fill in all the details and click on the “Save” icon. Although It takes you to the Checkout Window, where you can confirm your buying details, if you would like to make any changes click on the “BACK” button, or click on “PLACE YOUR ORDER” to approve.

You can find the details of your purchase from the wallet section as specified previously.

Especially On the HOME PAGE, at the bottom section, you can find out social media links, from where you can follow us and get details about our special discounts, offers, and more.

  • Metal Rate – This Menu gives you the details of the rate of various metals like the rate gold and silver. It gives you the information about the price of 18 KT, 22 KT, and 24 KT gold rates, and the rate of silver, platinum, and live price of Digital Coin for sales and purchase.
  • Coins – Choose the type of Coins you would like to buy –
  • My Orders – You can view your order history from this section.
  • Call – You can contact our customer service representatives by clicking this symbol, which will take you to your call screen.
  • Log Out

Finally After viewing the application you can choose to Log-out by clicking on the LogOut Button from the dashboard.

Especially Become a smart buyer now with Heera Digital Gold, and move out from your traditional methods of purchase.

👉 Download The App Now.

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