The Heera digital world comes with safe and cost-effective technology.

Heera digital world

Heera Digital world is a new generation giant for the global metal market. The Heera Digital world comes with safe and cost effective technology. It is home of digital gold, silver and diamond with the latest technology.  Heera Digital World provides new-age investment options to its investors. Heera Digital World is equipped with all next-gen features. Gold lovers from across the globe can directly purchase Heera Digital Gold online with a 2% discount on the live market price in the Heera Digital World App. It offers you Gold without making charges ,no delivery charges and additionally gives you a 2% discount on the live market prices.  Heera Digital World App offers you a 2% direct discount on the purchase of gold. For the First time ever in history, an online App for purchasing gold is offering you a 2% direct discount. 

Heera Digital World gives choices to choose your preferred quality of gold at very low cost.

It gives choices to choose your preferred quality of gold at very low cost. Your preferred choice is directly delivered to your home without any additional charges. Currently, jewelry is 20 karat 916; Coins are 22k 916, and bars are 24k. Heera World provides two choices to its investors on buying digital gold. Either they can sell it in the future or get it in physical form when an investor buys digital gold. The gold is added to your own wallet and after a 12 months of locking period you can convert it into physical gold. Heera Group has launched this scheme to support people.

It is offering a 2% instant discount from live market rate on the purchasing of Gold coins. For example the live market rate of the gold is 4706 Rs per gram and if you buy HDG then you instantly save 2% which is 94.12 Rs, thus final price to be paid is Rs 4611.88. Now an example is floating before you: How you are instantly saving 2% on gold purchase. Investing in 10g gold gives you an instant discount of 940 rupees.  Every year you get a benefit of 500 rs on each gram gold you buy. For example your 4706 rupees will become 5300-5400 rs within a year. Now come to Digital Gold, as you all are aware that i launched Heera Digital Gold from Heera Mart Kukatpally and Tirupati.  Heera Digital Gold offers an instant  5% discount on digital gold purchasing. You are getting a prior discount of 5% on the Heera Digital Gold and it offers a 1 year locking period. After expiry of the locking period, Every year your digital gold gives a benefit of 500 Rs. Download It and purchase gold from the most trusted brand in the world.

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