Heera Group A Nationally Importance Company

Heera Group A Nationally Importance Company

Nationally Importance Of Heera Group Company. The Success story of the Heera group of companies can not be separated from the life story of its founder and CEO, Dr Nowhera Shaik. It is my will and determination that has won trust and market for Heera products and services. I have always been diligent in directing and running the Heera Group of Companies. I am CEO Of Heera Group of Companies, a consortium of more than 20 companies that have marked its presence, nationally and internationally. The company has dealt in diverse fields, such as Jewellery, textiles, mineral water, travel, and tourism.

 My business journey started in 1998 with the setting up of the Gold trading business. From then on, I did not have to look back. What followed is a step-by-step growth in my business enterprises, expanding to 50 diverse fields. Heera Group of companies has been operating in nearby dozens of countries, for example, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the USA.

A brief about Heera Group’s operations

Heera Group is a pioneer in the Gold trading business, with its Head office in Hyderabad and branches all over India and overseas. It encompasses various business sectors, for example, Gold trading, textile, Jewellery, and Real Estates.

Heera Gold

Heera Gold plays a significant role in the Heera Group of Companies. It’s always special care in the supply of quality gold bars at competitive prices. Although Heera Gold is the biggest asset of the Heera group, and It has been providing benefits for decades. Dr Nowhera Shaik is planning to launch Heera Digital gold in the market.

Heera Jewellers

Heera Jewelers plays a very vital role in the Gold industry by providing designs and finished gold ornaments. Especially Heera jewellers, being in the online business, also established a significant role in the retailing market.

Heera Textiles

Its primary role is to cover the latest trend in the market, and the Company’s prime motto is to take online.

Heera Mart

Heera Group has emerged into the chain of shopping malls which are physically and also available online.


Moreover It’s the first online shopping platform launched by Nowhera Shaik in the Middle East and India to organize its followers looking forward to doing something like this.

That’s Why Heera Group A Nationally Importance Company.

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