Heera Group aims to promote Halal earnings in society

nowhera shaik

Heera Group always promoted Halal earnings in Society because Islam forbids the Haram source of income.  As a Muslim, you might often wonder, “Are your income sources Halal?” A lot of Muslims only associate the term Halal with food. The Messenger of Allah Prophet Mohammad (SAW) said. If anyone gains wealth through haram means and then gives charity from it, there is no regard for him, and the burden of sin remains on his shoulder”. For Muslims, ensuring that their earnings are Halal is very important. The gains don’t just include salary and revenue; they also have income generated through investments.

Heera Group initiated Halal investment scheme.

Moreover Heera Group has initiated Halal investment scheme to encourage people to make money in line with our prophet’s saying. I always promoted Halal sources of earning in society.

You have heard that quote; If you want to do good, people will start doing evil to you. The same thing happened to me as I initiated Halal investment to promote the Islamic way to earn money, but people could not tolerate it. Those who were afraid of my success started a campaign to defame me and my halal investment scheme. But Allah (SAW) knows I was doing this to better my community and its people.

We initiated Halal investment scheme to promote Halal earning in society. I always encouraged my supporters to make money through halal way because Islam forbids the harams income. Heera halal investment scheme, offered millions of people to make money in line with the religion and teaching of our beloved prophet Muhammad saw (PBUH). Our  Halal investment scheme attracts millions of small and medium-scale investors and Alhamdulillah’s Allah instructed them to go with halal sources. They invested their hard-earned money into our halal scheme, and in return, they got a share of their profit every month.

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