Heera Group donates 2% of total income for women empowerment

women empowerment

Heera Group donates around 2% of the total income for women empowerment. Since Childhood, It was my dream to make the world better for women and girl childs. My company only only provides free education to thousands of poor women but also makes them self-reliant. Currently there are a large number of women and girls working in the it because I want to give them a platform to grow in life. Heera Group is an initiative by the women for the women in the patriarchal world. 

I have been helping people for nearly two decades through the Heera group. it provides a wide range of services starting from Educational chains, foreign exchange trades, electronics and Malls. The company has never compromised on its quality of service but always worked to provide better products. My strategy for the it is based on creating an interest-free environment.

Heera Group started with very little support.

I started the Heera group with very little support but then went on to become a company with a huge share. It has seen unprecedented growth in business in the last 25 years. The pioneer of this vision is a lady from a very poor family. I have designed and carved the entire enterprise right by herself, above all I work with employees to encourage them.

I have seen many ups and downs in my life which has made me a strong-hearted lady. it has  made various headlines with its unbelievable achievement in the business world. It runs several free educational institutions for girl children. As of now, Heera Group has donated more than 1000 crore rupees for women and child welfare works. I have established Heera Islamic University to promote religious education alongside academic knowledge. InshaAllah in the future I will promote women empowerment on a large scale.

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