Heera Group has changed the destiny of thousands of women

heera group

Heera Group of companies I established in 1998, intending to employ women and girls in my locality. During the initial days, I worked at the local level and encouraged people to join my initiative. Women of my locality participated considerably, which gave a positive start to the Heera Group of companies. Today Heera Group has completed its 23 years, and it has changed the destiny of thousands of hard-working women. Heera Group of companies in the consortium of more than 20 companies which deals in almost all the daily use products. It trades in Gold, silver, Electronics, Real Estate, and Mineral water. The company’s total turnover is more than rupees 10000 crores with a net worth of rupees 1 lakh crore.

I am a class 9th grade but know the value of education in the life of girls and women. Meanwhile, I decided to open a residential school for girls in my locality. I lacked my funds, but I sold my property to educate my community’s poor and needy women. During the initial days of my business, I contacted several women and began to sell the jewellery. I would buy gold and silver jewellery from the goldsmith and sell them to local women.

Heera Group always honours hard workers.

Heera Group is the torchbearer of women’s rights and liberty; above all, it gives 50% reservation to women. I have provided employment opportunities for those women who are starting to be successful in life. Women began investing in my vast business, and I would share their profits regularly. The scheme flourished and in 2008 insisted I form a company to run a business on a large scale. It was the first instance when I formed the company Heera Gold. And got it registered as a private limited company. Today Heera Gold is the cash cow of my company and ruling the gold market of India as well as overseas

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