Heera Group has donated 100 crores for women’s welfare

Heera Group has donated 100 crores for women's welfare

Heera Group My enemies always coin the question, “Why does Heera Group donate so much on women’s welfare”. Yes, I have indeed donated more than 100 crore rupees for women’s welfare as of now because I want to make them strong and confident. In 2018, I launched a political party to work for women’s cause. Under the banner of MEP, I have done many charitable works as the political is the only tool to make their world better. The only plan of the All-India mahaila Empowerment Party is to make the world better for women living in the patriarchal society.

Heera Group runs many charitable trusts intending to help poor and needy women of the society. However, many hard-working women consider me their role model, and I always help them in the hour of need. At my tender age, I thought the girls of my locality were free of the coast. I established a residential school for girls, and when I ran out of funds, I sold out my ancestral properties. Today, Heera Group runs more than 50 educational institutions to help women and girl children in society.

Heera Group runs more than 50 charitable organisations.

I have been running more than 50 educational and charitable organisations for women and girls children’s. Heera Group of companies donates 50 per cent of its profit to women and child development work. The issues related to women have always been my priority, and I have donated crores of rupees for it. One magazine wrote an excellent line for me “From a daughter of the vegetable vendor to the inspiration of millions of women, Nowhera Shaikh becomes synonyms of success.

Currently, I am planning to donate 1000 crore rupees to establish especially hospital women’s with all-women staff. It will provide accessible health care facilities to poor and needy women.

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