Heera Group has more than five thousand crore assets in Telangana alone

Heera Group has more than five thousand crore assets in Telangana alone

Heera Group of companies is an Institution of national importance with a total asset of 1 lakh crore. If we talk about Telangana alone, it has more than 5 thousand crores of investments. Our Tol chowki property is enough to repay all the investors in a single instalment, but the law does not permit me to do it as a law-abiding citizen. Heera Group has enough resources to repay all the investors, but the Central Crime Station (CCS) is not handing over data. However, the Supreme Court of India has ordered it more than three times to hand over the server but still no response. Some Media agencies say, “Nowhera Shaik is the wealthiest Indian women entrepreneur. Yes, it is accurate, and I can repay all the investors, but CSS is playing with us.

Heera Group is my dream project.

Heera Group is my dream project which I started back in 1998 to empower poor and backward peoples. Alhamdulillah, Company has made a considerable contribution to humanitarian works above all issues related to women. As of now, Company has repaid more than 50000 investors without data because I promised to repay, and I kept that. Nowhera Shaik is the synonym of trust and belief in the contemporary world. What we promised our investors we delivered.

In my post-release statement, I had pledged to investors to have faith in me. I asked them to give me just a few days, and I will repay every investor. Alhamdulillah, I kept my promises and have repaid more than 50,000 investors without having data from the CCS police. However, I would like to thank my loyal supporters for keeping their faith in me. Meanwhile, trolls tried to mislead investors by spreading fake news but Alhamdulillah for everything to get back on track. Insha’Allah, everyone will get their money as we are trying hard to get data from the CCS police.

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