Heera Group Investors will get their hard earned money back, InshaAllah

Heera Group Investors

Heera Group Investors will get back their hard earned money, InshaAllah. Heera Group has been tirelessly working on initiating the payment process as soon as possible. Because, I also want to clear all the payments and Alhamdulillah most of you have got your money back into your bank account. Heera Group has enough resources to repay all the investors in one installment but the problem is CCS is not ready to hand over investor data. Even though the Supreme Court of India has ordered them three times to give back data, they are not ready to hand it over.

InshaAllah SFIO will help us to liquidate our existing properties.

I Spoke with the SFIO office to settle down each of my investors’ money by their intervention. However, if they allow me to get access to the data of the investors then I can liquidate the properties of the Heera Group and pay them back. My meeting  with the SFIO lasted for more than Five hours and Alhamdulillah it would be effective and fruitful. They assured me that they would help me to get access to the data.

Being Nowhera Shaik, it’s my responsibility to serve justice to my investors and InshAllah. Everyone will get their payment on time. The CCS has confiscated our 40 hard disks and one dozen operating laptops along with other data. The company has brought some new policies as a part of its comeback in the business world.  The Heera Group of companies has not even one per cent data of investors, but we are still repaying investors. As of now, we have repaid more than half of the investors. InshaAllah the payment process will continue as we get back our data.

I have promised my investors to repay all their money very soon. InshaAllah I will  keep it.

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