Heera Group is always committed to its promises

nowhera shaik

Heera Group is still committed to its promises and InshaAllah everyone will get their investment in three months. Some of you are thinking that the Supreme Court of India has granted me regular bail and I would take everything lightly. Of course the Supreme Court has granted me regular bail but that does not mean i would delay your payments. As I promised to repay all the investors in 16 months, I have repaid more than 50,000 investors. You should not worry about your payment because Heera Group always committed to its promises. InshaAllah we will repay each and every investor within 3 months. However the CCS police have not handed over even one percent of data but are still ready to repay our investors.

Heera Group has restarted its business operation.

Heera Group has restarted all its business operations from August 1st 2021. InshaAllah we are ready to bounce back in the business world.  The strength of it lies in the structural planning and impeccable plans it has to offer to customers. Additionally, there are numerous sections  for a variety of products and services. From textile to building materials, the stark contraction in the type of products sold by Heera Groups has been quite ubiquitous active in several spheres making this company a pilgrimage for investors.

  We have resumed our operation from August 1st, 2021, after a temporary pause. Company is ready to launch Heera Digital Gold in India and as well as abroad in coming days. The digital market plays a very significant role in the purchasing of gold. Company has found a new way to boost the gold market by launching Heera digital gold for door delivery. Heera Group Targets to sell 5000 kilos to 10000 kilos of gold in 2022-2023.  InshAllah everything will be fine as we are back in the business world. InshaAllah Heera Group  will always be committed to our promises.

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