Heera Group is completely operational now.  

Assalam Alaikum my dear Heera Group family and supporters. Hope you are having good times in Ramadan. Allah Rabbul Izzat has given me so much fame and wealth and I am always thankful for this. I think all of you are aware of the struggle and pain which I went through in the last couple of years. I have spent 810 days in police custody without committing any mistakes. I think I am probably the first woman who spent her 810 precious days in jail just because I chose to feed and educate poor girls. Have you heard before that a woman who owns more than two dozen companies and patronizes several NGOs got arrested at midnight? Finally, after years of legal battle, Heera Group is completely operational and InshaAllah it will run smoothly. I want to thank all those people including Heera Group staff and supporters who have stood and raised their voices in support of us. Allah Rabbul Izzat has given Heera Group a fresh start and InshaAllah we will rock.  

The last three years were difficult for the Heera Group because mere allegations by vested interests led to my arrest.  

 The last three years were difficult for the Heera Group because mere allegations by vested interests led to my arrest. That was an injustice, but now that the Supreme Court has resolved the matter, Heera Group started functioning as usual soon.  

Heera group has businesses all across India in major cities. In a historic win for Heera Group, the Supreme Court dismissed all new applications and transferred all the old and new matters of the Group to the one investigating agency – the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO). SFIO is already investigating the claims. As you people are aware that the Heera group has been continuously endeavoring to repay the investor’s hard-earned money. Those investors who have medical or any other emergencies get paid. The company has brought some new policies as a part of its comeback in the business world. We have decided to launch Heera Digital Gold in the metal market with the doorstep delivery option for the first time in India. Insha’Allah, everything will be fine, and we will be back on track once again. However, I have also launched the Heera Jewellery showroom in Kukatpally which is part of the Heera Group.  

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