Heera Group is getting back on the track  

Masha Allah, after a little halt on the road to success, Heera Group is once again getting back to business. After facing a series of troubles Allah Rabbul Izzat has made us come back to the business world. The last three-four years were full of challenges and Alhamdulillah I fought all the battles full of courage and accepted all the challenges. I spent two and a half years in jail and went through a series of challenges and Allahamdulliah Allah has made me fight during these days. It was quite challenging to re-establish such a huge empire in a very short span of time but your love and affection have made everything possible. Heera Group is not just a business organization, it is an institution of national importance that always believes in nation developing thoughts. Heera Group is a consortium of more than two dozen companies that are serving society in daily life as a part of their life.  

Heera Jewellery showroom Kukatpally, A gift from Heera Group before Ramadan.  

With the love and support of Heera Group staff and members, Heera Jewellery showroom Kukatpally was successfully launched. A large number are visiting the showroom and they are loving all the gold jewellery which have been prepared for Ramadan.  

Heera Jewellery showroom Kukatpally is ready with the latest trends of gold,  visit and shop now for your loved ones during Ramadan and Eid. Kukatpally Showroom Heera Jewellery is ready to win your heart with the latest and most purified gold. The showroom is gearing up to offer you the best quality and latest designs of gold during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr. Visit the shop now to get the latest jewellery designs.    

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  1. Mashaallah so good

  2. Alhamdulillah.
    Mashaallah so good.

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