Heera Group: Making the world better for women


Heera Group of companies is an institution of national importance. Heera Group is a serious approach to lending helping hands to people in need. More than 5% of the company’s profits went for the development of girl children in the rural parts of India. It also raises awareness for girl child education in the remote parts of the rural villages. The craze for Heera Group products, especially in the middle eastern countries, is a sight to be withheld. I never wanted to take credit after helping people with their requirements. Heera Group has won numerous awards and recognitions under my guidance and leadership.

Heera Group Educational Trust.

The “Heera Educational Trust” is the promoter of the Heera college of educational technology. The Heera Educational Trust is a charitable organization without any profit motive. The rules and regulations of the Trust do not envisage diversion of income, profit for any other purposes.

Heera Women Collage.

Heera Women college is a platform for disseminating Islamic knowledge. Women college has a structured way for girls to gain a comprehensive knowledge of Islam. The college has developed dozens of unique courses, graduated over a thousand students and surpassed ten thousand enrolments. Collage has developed a new model of Islamic education. I think Muslims should have a double degree, simultaneously a degree in Islamic diploma and law in Heera Women collage.

Especially Educating the poor girls of the community was always my top priority. When I was 25, I used to give Quran lessons to the local girls. One day I decided to establish a school for them but lacked funds. I sold my ancestral properties to establish a school for poor and needy girls, including my house. Company donates 5% of its total income to the education of women’s. I have been operating more than 25 educational institutions all over the world.

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