Heera Group Of Companies

Heera Group Of Companies

Heera Group Of Companies. A multinational business consortium founded in the year 1998, a first of its kind in India. A private sector enterprise founded by a woman Dr. Nowhera Shaik with diversified presence in various sectors such as Gold trading, Textiles, Education, Food Products, Construction Industry, Electronics, and more.

About Heera Group Of Companies:

Especially The Heera Group is one of the finest business enterprises; in India spreading its wings across various new sectors to indulge in. Although The competitiveness of the Heera Group’s distinct businesses are based on robust base of strength and strong will power procured out of in-depth consumer analysis, advanced R&D, assorted product development functionalities, superior infrastructure manufacturing units, outstanding distribution and marketing network, and resolute royal manpower. Our unique strategies tend to be our competitive advantage to our assortment of services and products.

The Heera Group is for one and all; it caters to the needs of the poverty-stricken as well as the rich. It is gaining high-pace in the Indian Market because. We have caught the attention of the general public as our products and services; have been accepted by the market on a large-scale.

Moreover The Heera Group has been actively investing in the Future of India by structuring  and manufacturing top/notch purchaser; goods production industries and quintessential sociability resources that accord to the nation’s vying functionalities.

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