Heera Group provides Access to equal opportunity

nowhera shaik

Heera Group is notably famous for providing access to equal opportunity to women and girls in the society.  Despite decades of notable progress, a reality in which opportunities are not defined by gender has yet to be universally achieved. From the last 20 years Heera Group has been fighting the battle of women empowerment and Alhamdulillah’s has been providing access to equal opportunity.  It has policies as well as in the legal and social frameworks that helps to achieve worldwide gender equality and inclusion. I laid the foundation of the organization with a vision to bring changes in the patriarchal society. To follow my vision and dream there are thousands of people who encouraged and supported me.

Role of Heera Group in the foundation of women empowerment.

Heera Group is the probably one and only organization which not only talks about women empowerment but works on it. Every year it donates more than 5% of its total income into women empowerment work. Equal opportunity doesn’t mean equal pay for equal work, it means equal representation in every field. Heera Group provides an opportunity to all the sections of women and girls and make them self-reliant and independent.

Heera Group believes in halal investment and Halal income and Alhamdulillah we promote the halal source. The company has diversified on an extensive scale such as gold, electronics, tourism and Real Estate. I have worked hard to operate and run a business with dedicated and qualified professionals. For those who do not know then let me tell you that it has a Net Worth of rupees 1 lakh crore; with the turnover of 10,000 crore. And every year we donate around 2-5 percent of the income for women and child development. We not only donate money for their financial need; but also provide them platform to earn money according to their skill.

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