Heera Group will achieve new heights InshaAllah


Heera Group has restarted all its business operations from August 1st 2021. InshaAllah, the company will achieve new heights after a fresh start. We have resumed our business operations after the order from the Supreme Court of India. The SC has ordered us to run the company smoothly. However, the CCS has not handed over the server. As everyone is aware that it is not easy to restart a company after a pause, InshaAllah, we have been trying hard to get back on track. The company has seen many ups and downs in the last two and a half years, but Allah never left us alone. However, the Central Crime Station seized the company’s data, including jewellery design, textile design, and much more. It’s a very challenging situation for us to revive such a large institution inshAllah Allah will serve us justice.

Heera Group has made a massive contribution to the country’s economy.

The Heera Group is an Institution of national importance which has a stronghold on customers all over India. The company has a massive contribution to the country’s economy with a staff strength of 40,000. Heera Group has an enormous contribution to the economy, making India’s one of the most productive organisations. It is the consortium of more than 20 companies that deal in a wide range of products, for example, Gold, textile, Electronics, Real Estate etc. The company has its presence worldwide, moreover in the Gulf nations like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar. The company has brought some policies as a part of globalisation which will help it spread in diverse fields. Alhamdulillah, Heera Group has had an active presence in the Indian market since 1998 and has served customers gracefully. InshaAllah company will work effectively and smoothly.

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