Honorable Ex-President of India   

Shri Ramnath Kovind’s remarkable personal journey, from a small village to Rashtrapati Bhavan, has been a parable for India’s development.  

As the term of the Former President of India Shri Ramnath Kovind ended, I come forward to salute him and extend my deepest gratitude for his outstanding service as the President of our Republic and for a long and distinguished career in public life. The greatest standards for ethics, performance and sensitivity were set by Ramnath Kovind. Mr. Kovind’s extraordinary journey from a small town in the center of our nation to Rashtrapati Bhavan has served as a metaphor for the growth and development of our nation and as an example for our community. Mr. Ramnath Kovind has endured throughout his life and profession with dignity and a strong dedication to the morals and integrity that are the bedrock of the Indian character. And with the highest regard and responsibility towards the principles of our Constitution. 

In turn, as the highest authority of our country, Mr. Kovind upheld and enforced the ideas of the Indian Constitution and the vitality of our democracy with sound judgement, great dignity, and extraordinary statesmanship and always with the best interests of our Republic as his compass. He was the President of India during a period of unprecedented stress brought on by the pandemic, and he served as a strong voice for India’s values and interests around the world.  

Mr. Ramnath Kovind was the First Citizen of the country, but his compassion and concern for the welfare of the weakest citizen.  

Mr.Ramnath Kovind was the nation’s first citizen, but he cared deeply about the welfare of the most vulnerable people. Mr. Kovind remained firmly and proudly rooted in the soil of this country even as he rose to the position of its highest office. Mr. Kovind had a strong rapport with the populace and was considerate of their concerns, perceptive of their aspirations, and acutely aware of the need for change. Mr. Kovind was a steadfast and passionate champion of social transformation and inclusion, speaking for the poor. As a Member of Parliament, Mr. Kovind made a mark as an effective Parliamentarian who often raised issues pertaining to social welfare and education. His tenure in Bihar was outstanding. Heera Group and all its employees have always been deeply touched by his humility, grace, and generosity.  

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