I never had a wonderland I made it

I never had a wonderland I made it . This is not the first time I intend to write something that is still bothering me. There have been times when I thought living in a hell house would not bring any pleasure to me. Who knew that somewhere down the line, I would be indulging in writing on my laptop after everybody sleeps.

I never had a wonderland

Yes in this time when the world around me is facing the massive kind of trouble to battle the worst type of pandemic, I am trying my level best to write down something so that even If I die, I would have something to look up to. The next blooming generation would at; least know something out of my experiences; no, I am no one to suggest the good, bad things in one’s life but at least having prior knowledge on something is not that bad.

In my childhood, I used to have a hobby of writing down all the whereabouts of each day. When the month used to end, I used to go through all the things that I have written. Here in this modern diary, I was feeling the same kind of joy and added pleasure that this diary has the technique that this is not going to erase all these write-ups, it would live within the memories of my beloved people.

Only misuse no management 

Today whatever achievements I have made everything goes to them, I stay because they remain with me like Allah. No, I am not comparing Allah’s existence with anything so far, but this is so true that there are people in this world who held my hand when most of the population refused to do so. There have been times when I saw that people found some foul smell from me; I still don’t know if that bad smell was rhetoric or all genuine.

I used to cry night after night and hated being on this planet. What if people hated me so much? Then what is the point of staying here in this country? But then QURAN, the holiest book, helped me make my introspection. Yes, today i can proudly say I have evolved as a better person. I have become a better person, and I aspire to do so. Some years down, when I would revisit the pages of my blog, I’m sure I would turn up with a far better personality than what I have today.

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