I was arrested without any prior notice.

nowhera shaik

I was arrested without any prior notice. On 14 October 2018, ACP Ramkumar entered my house. ACP Ramkumar entered with his department’s people and said “There’s, an arrest warrant for you Madam” . He replaced “Your customers have registered FIR against you”. They arrested me without any kind of notice. I was taken to Chenchalguda Jail, Hyderabad. After 9 days I got bail. During midnight around 2 a.m. the jail authority informe 19/55 your bail has been passed and your family members have come to take you. Even they said to me that due to media issues and the huge crowd of people we are releasing you now, that is midnight around 2 a.m, they took me out from the barrak.

Moreover I was released around 4 a.m. early in the morning from Chanchalguda. As I came out of the Jail, I couldn’t see any of my family members there. But A man and two womens came near me and said “MUMBAI POLICE”. They were in civil dress and were not dressed in the Police Uniform. But without reply they forced me and pushed me into Innova Car and The Mumbai police took me to Airport.  I made a request to call my family, which they didn’t allow. I asked for the FIR copy but no response from them. And they brought me to Mumbai [Maharashtra). Where I was kept in the Azad Maidan lock up.

Especially the next I was produced before the court Where the Judge granted 14 days of Police custody [PCJ In which I was kept in Azad Maidan Lockup. Where in the investigation? I came to know that I was arrested for 3 lakhs and fifty thousand rupees only [Rs 3,50,000/-].

Since morning it is 9 am -10 p.m. I was questioned again and again.

Since morning it is 9 am -10 p.m. Although I was questioned again and again. In the pressure of the Police department they tried to confuse me, the same questions were asked repeatedly. Where they tried to break me down, they even tried to make me mentally disturb, the whole 14 days of PC. After 14 days the Mumbai Police had handed me to Byculla.  As days passed, New Mumbai [Thane EOW] Police came to the Jail for my custody [Tabba]. Prison. 21/55

Moreover Unwanted questions were asked. I was mentally harassed. But I They took me out of the Jail and now. I was in their custody. Where I was taken to New Mumbai police station where the FIR was for Fifty thousand rupees only [Rs.50,000/-]. Now the New Mumbai [Thane EOW] produced me in court, where 7 days of Police custody was granted [PC]. The investigation was started where they used to ask me several questions repeatedly. From morning to night. I was interrogated for long hours, from 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. All the cases against me are baseless but they arrested me under the influence.

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