In the name of god or politics ?

In the name of god or politics . Me as a woman have joined politics pretty late, it is not the case that before me there was no one. who actually prospered in this arena, we have got multiple examples where we saw how women are standing beside women a, how women are fighting for their reservations inti national level, state level, municipality level even inside the houses, being house wives, being widows, being working ladies, being single mothers, being rape victims and what not.

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I can’t say that my prior experiences did not create that wild drive in me to become a politician but what affected me the most was the realisation to catch up with the need of the hour. If I put things like the need of hour then that too would be inappropriate, because joining politics for the sake of marginalised ones can never be the need of an hour only.

In the name of god or politics

In the name of god or politics nowheera shaik companies. since the era of post independence the intentional effort to stop the development for the underprivileged citizens have been an open secret, governments changed, theories changed, economic policies changed but who can dare to say that we  are living in paradise now, oh sorry! I Forgot, I am a woman from the most talked about religion, I should never be expecting of having a luxurious life at least when I’m an Indian citizen, yes I do vote in every election, I pay may tax like any other industrialist in the County.

I try to obey article 51(A) of the constitution, I get up when the national anthem starts playing before a movie gets started, I suppose I behave pretty normally, but then again my normalcy can be a reason to get a chance to become a first class citizen.

I am marginalised and I am destined to be so, this is not about any particular Political party most of  them had the ame takes on us, some had explicit opinions that led to riots and the Little bit our children could make got stopped and some preferred silent killing.

Politicians of India frequently take up the names of gods. I just doubt whether they do Because they want to be excused or they actually believe everything can get excused when You’re in politics, may be the second part hit me bad, and yes Here I am, unconventionally throwing my opinions.

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