India needs Better Parenting !

India needs Better Parenting .Life is a race, we all are competitors henceforth right after seeing the light of this world for the first time it becomes essential to train a child. I often wonder if brown parents actually comprehend this thought of training kids instead of making an inclusive environment, instead of showing some true love.

Most of the parents try to see their unfulfilled desires through the kids. The ways of comparison, humiliations, hatred, harassment kids actually learn from their parents. What the parents think as teachings are basically life harming experiments for a kid.

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Me as a woman have witnessed so much bias when a girl child is born in a family. The different kind of treatment that a girl child gets especially in the extremely economically strong or weak sections, middle class never really bother about this. Bias starts with every single entity that we can possibly imagine, from setting food habits to setting upbringing goals everywhere I have seen sheer amount of differences.

I used to think what would happen with these girls when they would plan for a family, would they be this rude, this mesmerised and confused, would they ask their kids not to lie and the very next moment would threaten the kids for saying the truth. If this bad parenting persists, India as a Country would never successfully prosper, the mindset, the background that a child gets to see from home, that actually stays for the rest of the life.

India needs Better Parenting

Bad parenting can actually instantiate a bad character, truck loads of bad qualities. Indian parents live up to comparisons, whatever happens they actually try to compare that situation with either a better or a worse one. They have never learnt the ways of normalising situations, they should act upon that.

My mother used to tell me how hard parenting is. With the slightest of mistakes can cost so heavily that the damage can never get resolved. I too sincerely believe that the future of the country deserves a bit of education, a bit of carefulness. If lives go on like this, nothing good would happen. 

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