Insha’Allah, Heera Group will get access to the investor data


Heera Group will get access to all the data of our investors very soon. We are working with the SFIO and InshaAllah Allah will show us the path. The Central Crime Station (CCS) Hyderabad has all the data and servers of the Heera Group of companies. During the headquarters raid they confiscated our entire data center along with Hard disks and operating laptops.  We are ready to make a fresh start. After the Supreme Court’s order, the Company restarted the business operation from August 1st 2021. However, the Company has not even one percent of investors’ data because the Central Crime Station has seized the entire server. Even though the SC has ordered them to hand over our data three times, we have not received it.

The CCS has all the data of Heera Group

The Central Crime Station (CCS) has all the data of our investors including our Jewellery and other designs.  I have personally called the officials and asked for our data but did not get a satisfactory response. Meanwhile, the Company has repaid more than 50,000 investors without any data because the trust and love they have given me is more precious than materialistic things. InshaAllah, we will refund the remaining amount in a short time.

I went to the SFIO office to settle down each of my members’ hard earned money either by their intervention or to allow me to get access to the data of the investors so that I can liquidate the properties of the Heera Group and pay them back. Heera Group has enough resources to repay the investor’s money but without data it seems impossible to repay such a large amount. My meeting  with the SFIO lasted for more than Five hours and Alhamdulillah it would be effective and fruitful. InshaAllah Allah will show us the way to clear the remaining amounts.

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