Lessons for business women who are striving to be successful

nowhera shaik

business women I have had a dream since my childhood to become the most successful businesswoman in India. Since 1998, I have been working in the black burqa with my chariots in the business world. All this success and fame came after long battles of sleepless nights and early morning shifts. I have been a role model for young entrepreneurs who dream of being successful in the business world. Heera Group provides vocational training to women and girls and gives them the training to become independent and self-reliant in life. Since I was a teenager, I dream of making women of my community self-reliant and independent. However, Male dominant society has always placed obstacles in my way, but I never left my sanctifying mission.

Here are some business tips for business women entrepreneurs before entering into business.

Smart Work

The world does not see your sleepless nights and early morning works for your struggle on the road to success. For your fans, the only thing that matters is whether you could reach the destination or not. The world only notices what you have achieved in your life, and you can get it through smart work.

The close ear rule.

Whenever I feel that someone is incurious about my ambition and trying to demotivate me, I get rid of them. You have to ignore their advice as you have never heard. You insert their advice from one ear and release it immediately. It is what I have done to my haters; I always ignore haters’ advice and unmotivated talks. In the last 20 years, I have seen many ups and downs in business life but always fought and moved on.

However, I just shared a few things which would help you to focus on your dream. All you need to do is consistent hard work and smart moves. Insha’Allah, one day you all will achieve the highest point of success in life.

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