Lovers and choices more than a feeling

Lovers and choices more than a feeling .This is gonna be long. Writing blogs is like I’m speaking my mind. It is at times very exhausting, as I am recalling a lot of things which do take a toll on my mental health. The bruises and marks are still alive, I can sense them. I can feel them. People evolve with age, they grow with experiences this is a dicy statement, and how true this is, I sense the disparity so badly even in these days of modernism that at times I feel like screaming and let the people know what their prejudices do not matter, their cattiest slurs, threats, motives to kill people do not matter.

first love choices

We know who you are, we know how far you can go, we do not fear you. We oblige by the constitution of India, we oblige by equality, we do not feel like killing anyone and everyone for their affiliation and kinship to a different religious or caste group. I saw my sisters and my brothers get killed, only because of this existing devil failing system who chose to protect those who kill people in the name of something that actually does not exist.

Throughout my life I have always provided a special space for the people who are actually distreed. But I have not witnessed such kinds of proactive roles by the government or the respective authorities per say. Lovers and choices more than a feeling

Determination went wrong

Every time a case of honour killing gets reported, influential characters try to dilute the importance and the severity, most of the time the case remains closed for years, nobody takes the initiative to enquire about the case neither they do enquire nor they do ask anyone about it, despite having enough number of mediums to disclose the condition of the case. And this scene has become so regular, scenes of killing people in the name of religion and caste that these days, somehow people believe those innocent hearts are destined to be dead.

At times I feel amazed and thoughtless that how far we are residing from the touch of Humanity. We are encouraging people to kill people, why Because our ways of leading life do not match with the other person. Back in the 70s and 80s killing each other was not so prevalent, the more we are becoming resourceful the more we are becoming greedy and self oriented, our desires know no bound.

As we desire so much, we want everything to happen in our own way, and one such demand is controlling the lives of women for the rest of the lives, patriarchy Isn’t an overnight event, the more we practice the more we delve into it. Honour killings are the smallest results of patriarchy, where education can’t even make change.

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