Money is important and its power

Money is important and its power . At times I feel respect comes with the social designation one holds. The social, economical and even at times Political status of one decides whether he or she deserves even a tad bit of acceptance and a good amount of respect like the fellow civilians. If you have a thick, life saving Bank balance then suddenly you become a Sir, and if you are struggling hard and try your best to earn your daily wages, you would be a server, a man or woman of no importance.

Eating the minimalist of all

Your potential, that you have been struggling for so long, would vanish within some moments only. Nobody would remember how you have always been present to serve the high income group brats despite so many hurdles. Nobody would actually recognise that somebody can tag Himself or herself as a member of a high income group, Because he or she is capable of enjoying all the good things that happen to exist in this world, but that person vehemently forgets that all the good things are coming to his or her house’s threshold Because there is a section who never denies to serve them, never wants to boycott them despite not getting the respect that they deserve being a human. Money is important and its power

I have seen throughout my life, how the behaviour trait changes from man to man knowing his or her religious affiliation, Financial state, educational qualification and every thing which actually needs to be guaranteed by a state. When I was a vegetable seller with my mom in our bad days, I have received so Many bad, sexist remarks from my community itself.

Instead of being kind and compassionate they preferred throwing filth at me, they were women too. Initially I expected things would change with the due course of time, but even if the clocks starts moving in an opposite direction this discrimination would never end. With every single development we are basically heading backwards, we are giving lessons in uncivilized manner, where discriminating, harassing people look great, and giving hands for help for solidarity seem uncool.

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