My journey to the land of dreams-Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik, I started my journey to the land of dreams with the blessing of Allah and My parents. Alhamdulillah my parents always supported and encouraged me to endeavour during my journey to the land of dreams. Although my father was a small businessman, he always encouraged me to think big and Alhamdulillah his thoughts and advice were always full of motivation. I had to go through various hurdles and challenges but Alhamdulillah’s Allah has always been with me. Without Allah’s blessing I could not be able to reach my land of dreams. However, my journey to the land of dreams is not easy being a girl who hails from Muslim family. I fought with the patriarchal world to reach my land of dreams.

Heera Group, My land of dreams-Nowhera Shaik

Heera Group is my land of dreams for which I have faced a number of hurdles and challenges during my journey. I have faced numerous obstacles during my journey and Alhamdulillah’s reached to my land of dreams. Heera Group is not only my land of dreams but also from millions of hard working and struggling women’s. It is a ray of hope for the women who are starving to be successful entrepreneurs in life.

It was never easy for women like me who hail from a society where girls are not allowed to work. But Alhamdulillah I fought a long battle against the patriarchy and has been continuously fighting for the last 25 years. To become successful for a woman in the society is an uphill battle and Alhamdulillah Allah has always been with me. I established the Heera group of companies that has been empowering women for 25 years. Alhamdulillah, I have been working continuously to build a platform for women and girls who dream to be independent and self-reliant. JazakAllah khair to everyone who has supported and encouraged me in reaching to the land of my dreams.

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